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Biozyme Digestive Enzyme Powder Plus (3g X 30)


Digestive enzyme powder is effective for the digestive system to absorb nutrients easily and a helper of people’s digestion.

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UOM : 3g x 30 sachet (1 box)

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Ingredient: Ashitaba extract, alpha-amylase, beta-amylase, Maltase, Lactase, Celluase, Petinase, inulinase, Lipase, Protese, Papain, Bromelin, Oligosaccharide, Comprehensive Fruit juice powder, Lactic acid bacteria.

Recommendation: Take 2 pouches daily after breakfast and dinner. For consumers above 6 years old, take 1 pouch each time. For children below 6 years old, suggested 1/2 pouch each time. Consume directly or mixed with small volume of milk or juice taking. The temperature of mixing liquid should not exceed 40°C.

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