Mommy J Step 3 Organic Natural Tri-Grain 900g


  • Organic Pearl millet | Organic Pearl Rice  – Non gluten with good calorie source for energy and is one of the easiest grains to digest by baby.
  • Organic Millet  | Organic Hulled Millet – Best source of alkaline-producing for soothing the stomach and fever, so it is ideal in times of digestive distress and infections of little ones.
  • Organic Small Millet ( White ) | Organic White Quinoa – A complete protein source with healthy omega-3 fatty acids for baby’s brain and eye development as well as cell maintenance and repair.

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UOM : 900G/Box

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Cooking Instruction:

  • Wash and rinse grains, then pour into the pot
  • Add water of the portion between grain water is 1.0 : 1.7 (porridge) 1.0 : 1.2 (Rice) c
  • Close the lid, cook it in rice cooker
  • Gently stir the bottom to balance out moisture before serving.
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Additional information

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