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Nusasa Energizing Soup Powder 480g


Nusasa Energizing Soup Powder is ideal for breakfast , supper or as a nutritional supplement .

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UOM: 480g/tin

Expiry Date : 15 Dec 2023

Country of Origin: Taiwan


Ashitaba , Wheat Grass , Green Beans Sprout , Yam , Vegetables , Spinach , Seaweed , Papain , Bromelain , Barbados-Cherry , Apple Powder , Pine Nuts , Lily , Radix Ophiopogonis , Lycii , Sesame , Buckwheat , Green Tea , Carrot, Lotus Root Powder , Soybean Protein , Hay , Sweet Peas , Laver , Brewer’s Yeast and Lecithin.

Usage Direction: 

  1. Add 3-5 flat spoons (about 30g, according to personal preference ) into 200cc cool or warm water below 50°C to mix together evenly .


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Additional information

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