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Oshadhi Clary Sage 10ml


Clary SageSalvia sclarea (2660). Clary Sage is a gentle plant related to sage. It has a sweet, warm, tea-like scent. It is useful for indigestion, respiratory ailments, and muscle aches. It is especially suited for women’s hormonal challenges such as PMS, and menstrual and menopausal discomfort. It benefits oily and mature skin types as part of a blend, and is useful for dandruff and oily scalp. It relieves depression, stress, tension, and postpartum depression. Clary sage is known for its inspirational, euphoric affects on the psyche, and makes a wonderful, romantic massage oil. This is a pure therapeutic-quality aromatherapy essential oil from Ukraine, and is obtained from the blossoms and plant.

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UOM: 10ml/bottle

Country of origin: Russia

Recommendation :

  •  Dysmenorrhea (10%):

Clary sage 5 drops + roman chamomile 6 drops + thyme linalool 9 drops + arnica macerated oil 10ml, apply once every half hour during menstrual pain.

  • Breast and chest care (3.3%):

Clary sage 4 drops + rose geranium 4 drops + parsely 4 drops + lemongrass 8 drops + hazelnut oil 30ml, apply to the chest and massage gently with lymphatic drainage technique, after bath everyday.




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