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Q Baby Market Premium Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Baby Cereal (Mix Vege) (20gx10packs)


Premium Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Mix Vege Baby Cereal (Halal)

Specially design for 6month above Infant formula:

  • Vitamin A,B3,B1
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Zinc


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UOM: 200g/box

Expiry Date : Mac 2020

Country of Origin: Thailand

Product Information: 

  • Sprouted Brown Rice, also known as Germinated Brown Rice or GABA rice, is easy to digest and contains various bioactive nutrients. The soft texture of sprouted brown rice makes our baby meal smooth and creamy.
  • Beetroots are good source of dietary fiber which aids in digestion. Also called beetroot red, betanin most common pigment in beetroots, responsible for their strong red color. It is believed to have various health benefits.
  • Amaranth leaves are a good source of iron and essential vitamins and minerals. They are easy to digest which helps prevent constipation.
  • Sweet Potatoes are good source of dietary and have anti-inflammatory properties. These root vegetables are rich in essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • No Milk, Egg & Nuts
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No Artificial Colours
  • No Trans Fat
  • No Artificial Flavoring
  • No Preservatives
  • No Salt &Sugar Added
  • Made 100% organic vegetable & fruit


Organic Sprouted Brown Rice , Organic Quinoa , Organic Beetroot , Organic Sweet Potato , Organic Amaranth Leaves , Vitamin A Acetate*, Vitamin D3 , Thiamin HCL (Vitamin B1), Calcium Carbonate , Ferric Pyrophosphate (Iron) , Zinc Oxide .

Usage Direction: 

  • Pour 100-150ml warm water, breastmilk or formula milk with a pack 20gm of Sprouted Brown Rice Baby Cereal into bowl can make a heather cereal meal.
  • Idea for Baking To provide better source for babies & kids, add two sp0ons of cereal powder into the batter / mixture (of pancake or bread).
  • Idea for Healthier Meals Add 1-2 spoons of sprouted brown rice baby cereal powder into oat porridge to get good source of nutrients for babies & kids.


Keep in cool , dry place .


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