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Salus Salumag 250ml


SALUMAG is a botanical beverage with camomile flower extract, pineapple juice and honey which is high in magnesium.

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UOM : 250Ml/Bottle

Country of Origin: Germany

Expiry date: Apr 2023


Purified water, magnesium gluconate, honey, aqueous camomile flower extract, aqueous fennel fruit extract, aqueous bitter orange peel extract, aqueous carrot root extract, magnesium citrate, aqueous spinach leaf extract, pineapple juice concentrate, pear juice concentrate, mango juice concentrate, apricot juice concentrate, carob extract, grape juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate and natural flavours.

Product information:

  • Magnesium is the most important mineral in the body, needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions. It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function.
  • This “anti-stress mineral” relaxes nerves, relieves tension and induces restful sleep. It also aids bowel regularity.
  • Magnesium compounds with organic substances have proven to be particularly well absorbable.
  • Relaxes nerves, relieves tension and induces a restful sleep
  • Help to cope with the demanding pace and pressures of modern life.

Nutrition Information:

Elemental magnesium
(Magnesium gluconate & magnesium citrate)

Serving Suggestion: 
Consume 2 tablespoons straight or dilute with water.

Storage method:

Keep refrigerated after opening and consume within 4 weeks after opening.

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Additional information

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